Xeriscape Landscaping Book – Xeriscape Colorado is Back!

Xeriscape Colorado:  The Complete Guide.–Revised and updated.

Sunset Magazine called it “the best of its kind” (September 2004).  Nine years and 20,000 copies later, this award-winning* how-to book has set the standard for achievable, design-oriented Xeriscape landscape.  Dedicated to the DIY home landscaper; many have called it their “gardening Bible.”  Now it’s back with a new, uniquely-Colorado cover, dozens of new photos, and 25 pages of the latest in Xeriscape info.

Xeriscape Colorado: The Complete Guide

Xeriscape Colorado: The Complete Guide, by Connie Lockhart Ellefson and David Winger, updated for 2013, available now

“Our aim has always been to show how colorful, exciting, and low-maintenance Xeriscape can be.  We’ve added practical new features like ‘Designing for Pets,’ ‘Deer-Resistant Plants,’ and ‘Xeriscape tips from the Experts.’ and, of course, beautiful new Xeriscape photos from David Winger to inspire your design.

We truly believe Xeriscaping is the landscaping of the future, and look forward to helping you create your own gorgeous low-water landscape.”

–Connie Lockhart Ellefson, principal author of Xeriscape Gardening (1992, Macmillan) and Xeriscape Colorado: The Complete Guide (2004, Westclife)

The new book is available now, approximately 275 pages, retailing at $32.95. To get your autographed copy for $28, plus $5 shipping, order here:  

Be sure to  include your mailing address and email in the message–and if you want the book signed to someone other than you.  Thanks!

“Please Don’t Make Me DIY!”

If you’d rather just look at the pretty pictures than hammer out the plan for your Xeriscape landscape, Connie Ellefson is available for Xeriscape consultation, and complete design.  Ellefson has prepared scores of residential and commercial landscape designs for Colorado clients, and was a designer for the Denver Water Xeriscape Design Clinics for several years. “I offer consultations at $75/hour, or complete plans can be prepared for either a section of the yard to the complete site.”

(Prices for plans vary depending on size of lot and complexity of landscape. – Free initial consultation for landscape plans.)  The plan will be ready to submit to your HOA if required.

DIY Hybrid

Have some good ideas about your Xeriscape, but just need some expert help to confirm, or suggest alternatives?  A one-hour $75 consultation may be just what you need.



to get started on your dream landscape, and take advantage of all the color, variety and water savings with a Colorado Xeriscape Landscape!

 *Educational Non-Fiction, Colorado Endowment for Humanities/Colorado Center for the Book,2004

What’s Xeriscape? 

In 1981, a tiny, devoted group of landscape conservationists gathered to brainstorm a new and better way to approach the landscape in semi-arid Colorado, than the typical “cookie-cutter East Coast tree-and-turf.”  Xeriscape (dry landscape) was born, and has expanded and flourished in the thirty-plus years since.  Xeriscape landscape can be found in nearly all parts of the country; water supplies show no sign of becoming more plentiful as the 21st century advances.

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